Brighttalk is a webinar and video platform that allows clients to engage and educate their communities. Brighttalk was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in San Francisco Ca.

I was brought in to work with the London-based Bright Talk Growth and Engagement Team. The Growth and Engagement team had been working on several ideas and projects to acquire and activate more users.

Brighttalk growth workshop

Day 1 – Identifying the OMTM

I had an initial meeting with investors, the CEO and various members of the growth team. It was clear that everyone had an opinion of what was hindering growth.

The first step in the process was to communicate through the organisation what were the key blockers to growth and to get the team to rally around the “OMTM” (One Metric That Matters).

I held a growth workshop with the entire team to benchmark and identify the conversion rates across the whole site. The funnel exercise is a useful tool to align the team around the OMTM. The exercise is a great way to get the whole team to look objectively at their funnel. These numbers are fact and reality.

The team could easily identify the areas of concern and prioritise their ideas and focus accordingly.

Tom - Moderating

Talking Through the Ideas

After identifying these problematic areas, we then brainstormed several dozen ideas around how we could affect the OMTM. We included technical, product and audience development members to get a diverse pool of ideas. We then scored and prioritised ideas to create a backlog of projects and experiments.

As a result of this framework:

  • The growth team have a process by which they can quickly identify and rally around a shifting metric
  • Members of the growth team can work more autonomously. Each member knows what metric and goals they are individually contributing towards.
  • This framework allows the team to focus and only to be working on experiments and projects with the highest impact.

Total time spent with the team: 30 hours
Six tests ran yielding a 26% uplift in conversion.

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