Wazoku.com is an innovation management and co-creation platform that allows organisations to capture ideas and move them from idea to implementation.  I  joined Wazoku in March 2011 as a consultant and its first employee.

We needed to get a functioning website up and begin the long process of building our SEO strategy and Inbound Marketing machine while still creating a product.

I focused on targeting primary, long-tail keywords and improving our domain authority. If we were going to get “in front” of big businesses we were going to have to do it through thought leadership and owning very specific terms. (Innovation Management, Innovation Software, Idea Software, etc.)

I developed and implemented a lead capture and nurture strategy in 1 month. We created innovation guides and ebooks that were gated so prospects would have to submit their emails to access the materials.

We used lead scoring to identify the sales qualified leads with the highest propensity to purchase and only followed up on those leads. That allowed us to focus our efforts and time on only the prospects that showed the highest potential.

When I implemented the Inbound strategy, Wazoku went from 0 inbound leads to collecting 19 in that month. Over an eight-month period, I was able to scale the leads from 19 per month to an average of 114 per month, an increase of 500%.

  • 0/mo. Leads to 114/mo. in eight months

We created an aggressive content plan which included blogging, guest blogging, and thought leadership. In a relatively short period, we achieved 3rd place position on an extremely competitive term “Innovation Management.” In the period of 10 months, we were able to move that term 112 positions to no. 3 in Google. In addition to that keyword, we were able to achieve top 3 rankings on a majority of our core “money terms.”

  • Top 5 rankings for all of Wazoku’s primary terms.

Wazoku has grown to 45+ employees and is generating six figure monthly recurring revenues.


simon-hill“I have had the honour and joy of working with Nopadon at Wazoku and Huddle. In both businesses, we were new start-ups in emerging market sectors that we were building from the ground up. There are very few people who understand the mechanics of SEM as deeply and broadly as Nopadon. He is an expert in building a market with a focus on lead generation from both paid and organic search.

At Wazoku we were building market demand in a nascent market sector. We successfully grew website traffic from zero to many thousands in a very short time, built our organic search results across core terms to the front page of all results and achieved this on a very limited budget. We could not have achieved the business results we have without Nopadon’s hard work, insight and support. I highly recommend anyone looking to develop or grow their online presence and inbound search marketing. “

-Simon Hill


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